Berg Lake “How Does It Work?”

You Have decided to take the journey and flying with us here at Robson Helimagic. The Berg Lake Trail awaits you, your family and your friends! Now you ask yourself ” how does this work?”

To help keep things simple we ask that you understand a few things about our operation:

Your Car and Vehicle Transportation

We provide a shuttle service for you from Mt Robson Pit. This means that you need to drive your personal vehicle to Mt Robson Pit at or before 8:15am Pacific Time. Please note that if you are driving form Jasper Alberta they are one hour ahead. This means that 9:15am in Jasper is actually 8:15am here at Mt Robson, British Columbia. Once you arrive at Mt Robson Pit you will meet our friendly staff and be instructed to unload your hiking gear and backpack. Please remember that Bear Spray is a dangerous good and you will need to notify our staff if you are carrying it.
Once you have unloaded your gear and passengers you will be instructed to have one person drive your vehicle to Mt Robson Trail Head. To do this you will follow one of our company vehicles to the trail head and park your vehicle. When completed you will then get into our company vehicle and be brought back to the initial staging point at Mt Robson Pit.

The red map pin below is representative of Mt Robson Pit as travelling East from Valemount B.C

Click link for directions from jasper:
Directions From Jasper


Helicopter Safety and Transportation

One of the first things that can happen before your flight with us is a full safety briefing on the helicopter. Your pilot will walk you through safe helicopter practices and procedures. Some of these include how to enter and exit the helicopter and proper baggage storage. They will be happy to help you with any personal needs or questions you may have. We always strive to make sure our customers feel comfortable and well informed.

The flight for Robson Pit To Robson Pass takes approx. 10 minutes and is considered one of the most beautiful scenic flights anywhere. You will fly over Kinney Lake and through Valley of a thousand falls. Over top of the Mist and Berg Lake Glaciers on your way to your destination of Robson Pass.

If possible we try to get our day hikers to fly first to give them the maximum amount of time on the trail.


The on the day of your flight the most important thing, is to show up on time at 8:15am at Mt Robson Pit. Have your camping permits ready and your bags packed. We will help you through the rest!

We will help you through the rest of the process.

We Look forward to having you fly with us here at Robson Helimagic!

See you on the trail!